Senior Product Designer, Deliveroo

Permanent  |   London  |   Based on experience

This is the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to design products on a truly epic scale, and be an integral part of a finely tuned team. We love how Deliveroo have blended content, research & design into one department, meaning you’ll be working side by side with the best in the business. — Team DC

DC: What’s your ambition for the business?

We believe food matters and want to become the definitive food company in the world. If you think about music, consumer electronics, or vacation rentals - they’re all defined by one or two brands you immediately think of. We want to do the same for our industry and bring great food to homes and offices around the globe.

DC: Why should someone care?

We tackle an incredibly broad range of design challenges on a daily basis. To a customer, our product might look simple, but actually we not only work on consumer-facing products, but also on our products for our riders, restaurants and employees. We delight customers in 200 cities around the world on a daily basis with great food, and help over 35,000 restaurant partners grow their business. We’re bringing new restaurants to neighbourhoods in 12 countries around the world as part of our Editions initiative, and help create the future of work by providing 30,000 riders with a flexible and secure income.

As the fastest growing startup in Europe, we also care deeply about our role in furthering the UK tech industry. We want to help create an ecosystem of people who have done great things at Deliveroo and can bring those skills and experiences elsewhere, be it starting their own companies, heading up design at another startup, or bringing their experience to a larger company.

DC: What would a typical day look like?

Designers at Deliveroo work in cross-functional teams, and we make sure everyone has the opportunity to work on a number of teams, solving different problems throughout their time here.

While every day and week is a little bit different, you’d probably attend the daily stand-up with the product team you’re working with, comprised of user researchers, content designers, engineers, product managers and data scientists.

After spending some time iterating on a Framer prototype you’ve been working on for usability testing, you might participate a design crit with members of the Content, Research & Design team, or you might be observing an in-depth interview with a rider or restaurant owner, organised and facilitated by the researcher you’re working with.

Design at Deliveroo is also part of a wider group of disciplines: The Content, Research & Design team. We believe that good products can only exist when all three of these disciplines are considered to be equal, and that’s very much reflected in the way we work - a genuine partnership across all disciplines.

The CRD team is a strong community, so for lunch, you might get something on Deliveroo and join the weekly Lunch Together with other members of the Content, Research & Design team, an informal get-together for the entire team.

Finally, as the day draws to a close after several hours of heads-down time to progress your work, you might do a quick check-in with the product manager for your team, planning out the features the team is going to work on over the coming weeks.

DC: Who does well in your company?

Something we value very deeply is intellectual humility — having a consciousness of the limits of one’s knowledge, being willing to be proven wrong, listening to and engaging with other people’s viewpoints, even if you disagree with them.

As an extremely fast growing company, we often have to make compromises in order to move quickly. So great communication skills are key here, as is the ability to execute quickly and pragmatically.

How to apply

Check out the full job description on the link below, or send them an email directly. Don’t forget to tell them we sent you!