Product Designer, Lyst

Permanent  |   London  |   £45-60k

We love the idea of blending user-centred design and data science with the exciting world of fashion! We also think the cross-functional way teams work is the ideal way to build great products that people love. This role is perfect for people who want to work closely with developers, and who are confident being the lead, sometimes only, designer on a team. — Team DC

DC: What’s your ambition for the business?

We want to build a global fashion search engine. Somewhere that lets people shop the world’s fashion in one place. Currently, finding what you want to wear is hard, and at best, complicated. You might have a favourite brand, but different sites stock different items; you might have no idea where to start and spend hours endlessly scrolling; or, you might know exactly what you want but either can’t find it in the usual places, or notice that the price is different everywhere.

We’re changing that by creating the biggest inventory of fashion on the internet, from high-end to high-street. And we want to make it easy to find your needle in that haystack.

DC: Why should someone care?

It’s a unique challenge for product people. Having over 4 million searchable items is great on one hand, but it can make things very confusing for people if we’re not careful. Want a pair of jeans? We have 20,000. Cutting that down so that you only see the 25 most relevant pairs is hard. We’re working on it through a combination of algorithms and interfaces, and as a designer, you’d be working alongside data scientists, engineers, and PMs, on mobile and web.

It’s an opportunity to pair high traffic and ‘big data’ with the beautiful imagery of the fashion world.

DC: What would a typical day look like?

After we’ve got the ‘no two days are the same!’ disclaimer out the way, a typical day would involve working on a specific opportunity with your squad. Squads are small, cross-functional teams of designers, developers, PMs, and maybe data scientists. As a squad, you’re given a mission to work on, or a problem to crack, and it’s totally up to you how you go about it. We aim for lots of autonomy, with accountability.

As for the environment, our office is in a big old art gallery in Hoxton Square, with amazing light and views. Most people arrive between 9am and 10am, and have a standup with their team. We have a great coffee machine, and loads of food and drink for making breakfast and elevensies. We’re right in the heart of Shoreditch so there’s always somewhere exciting to grab lunch, and after working some more, most people leave between 5:30pm and 6pm. Want to work from home on certain days? No problem!

DC: Who does well in your company?

There is no typical ‘Lyster’, but one trait that stands out is collaboration. The design team isn’t siloed off in one corner of the building — we’re embedded in squads, so building good relationships with our lovely developers and product managers is the best way to ensure you get great work done.

Also, you don’t have to be a fashionista!

How to apply

Check out the full job description on the link below, and don’t forget to tell them we sent you!