Product Designer, Personably

Permanent  |   London  |   £30-55k

This is a rare opportunity to truly shape the direction of a product that real people really love. We think Personably offers an exciting design challenge, with the option to get stuck in to the nitty gritty of building a business if you like. Perfect for someone looking to have more ownership over their work, or to make the leap into the world of startups. — Team DC

DC: What’s your ambition for the business?

At Personably, we’re building tools to help teams deliver an outstanding employee experience. With a background in fast-growing start-ups, we’ve seen how difficult it can be to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to thrive from day one.

Our focus right now is on making each hire’s onboarding period the best it can possibly be. That means building easy-to-use, intuitive, and beautiful tools. Early on, we’ve worked with the kinds of teams we know best — fast-growing, well-funded tech start-ups. But our vision goes beyond that — we want to improve the world of work for the majority, from small start-ups to big corporates. Help us get there.

DC: Why should someone care?

Everyone we speak to has their own story about something that went wrong in their first week that has stuck with them. It’s not just start-ups either — banks, the government, national retailers. If you’re hiring ambitious individuals ensuring they can be productive and deliver value is the key to retention.

DC: What would a typical day for a designer look like?

Two days are rarely the same, and you’ll often be expected to step outside of your comfort zone.

As a product designer, we want Personably to be a place you can develop your skills, try new tools and create products that exceed users’ expectations.

An example task you might work on include overhauling the flow of the product to make it easy to use the ever increasing functionality — as the product develops it becomes increasingly important to maintain the simplicity our users love while introducing the features they need.

But don’t be surprised if you get pulled away by the CEO to give your opinion on a new pricing model, find yourself pitching in to help with a community event we’ve organised, or helping our customers through our support chat.

DC: Who does well in your company?

Early stage start-ups are hard work, but they can be hugely rewarding places to work.

You’ll need to be comfortable with uncertainty, taking full ownership of the design and making decisions without all the information. We asks our customers and ship things to test our assumptions and improve them, instead of dealing with hypotheticals and a big reveal at the end.

You need empathy for the people we’re building for and the problem we’re solving for them. Talking to them will inform your design decisions. You strive to make products that are intuitive to use and understand this sometimes means sacrificing what looks aesthetically best.

You can balance the need to create something perfect with the speed and resources of an early stage start-up.

We’re a small team and you’ll have a big impact!

This would be a great opportunity for someone with experience at a growing start-up or large tech company, looking to make a mark and have full ownership of design across the brand and product as the first designer at an exciting start-up.

How to apply

Send us an email with a few lines so we can get to know you, your CV, and some examples of your work or portfolio. We’re based in London and you would be part of the team here so you’ll need to have the right to work in the UK (we can’t sponsor visa’s). We’ll let you know when we’ve seen your application and get back to you!